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Funding & Grants


Funding has been secured from the

Wiltshire Community Foundation.

High Sheriff's Grant

Children In Need

This money is being used for a number of activities in The Shop.

Sreet Art, Saturday Woodland Club, Mentoring, Confidence Course, Money Management Course and Arts and Crafts for youngsters as well as adults.

Street Art

Local artist Colin Astin has been working with local teenagers to create designs on canvases using specialist paints. Besides the canvases, he has also being repainting the Skate park at Buckhurst Field using designs propsosed by the teenagers.Although the afternoon sessions proved popular on a Saturday, the after school sessions proved to be more popular !


Woodland Saturday Club

The Club is for teenagers rather than for the younger children who attedn Forest school. The Club has proven popular with students going off to do woodcrafting, birdwatching, conservation work, tidying the countryside followed by hot chocoolate, marshmallows or crumpets.

Confidence Course

This course was very popular in January. The participants all agreed that their confidence had increased. The next course will start in June. Final details to be confirmed. 


Money Management Course

This course sadly had to be abandoned because of the present Pandemic. Hopefully, we will be able to hold this when The Shop reopens.


All our groups and courses are held on an informal basis in a safe environment. If you are interested in any courses, please contact us.



Over the last year we have mentored students to help them achieve their Duke of Edinburgh awards as well as support them in their school work, help them in their choices of options and increses their self esteem, This has been evident through concerts and also securing paid part time work.





About Our Shop


Welcome to The Shop!  The Shop has been running in Park South, Cavendish Square for over 20 years and was and still is set up to support and develop volunteering in Parks and Walcot by providing resources and a supportive environment for current and future voluntary groups.  All local people are always welcome here, stop have a cuppa tea, chat, get information, advice and guidance and talk to people to care about them and their local area. People working together can have a great effect on the community in which they live.  The Shop will support and encourage any new or existing group, or person, attempting to meet the needs of the community through volunteering including Duke of Edinburgh volunteers.

The main aim of The Shop is to improve the quality of life within our community by offering second hand items of a high quality at an affordable price.

Shop for the day! The Shop also provides an opportunity for other local charities in the area to raise money by having the The Shop For The Day.  Bi-monthly a charity or not for profit organisation running from Parks and Walcot will provide volunteers to help at The Shop and the proceeds from the day go to their charity.  May 2017 Shop for the day was for .............................

Job Club! Other opportunities at The Shop are to access Job Club every Friday 10am till 12noon run by New College, Swindon.  The Job Club is run on a drop in basis and offers practical advice on CV's, job opportunities and training courses available.

ME TIME Group! The ME time group runs every Friday from the main meeting room 10am till 11.30am for anyone to come along and have exactly what it says 'ME TIME' to have a natter with other local people, discuss family life, issues, concerns and general well being.  The group offers amazing support to each other and often meet up at other times of the week outside of The Shop.

CRAFT GROUP! We currently have a lovely craft group running on a Thursday 10am till 12noon with a tutor called Tracey Baker-Stewert from funding via Comic Relief.  This was to fund a 10 week course showing a new craft element each week for the group to make whilst at the session and information to take away to make more and share the learning with other people.  The group has been a huge success and they are desperate for it to continue after the 10 weeks end at the end of May as they have learnt so much and actually benefited from making new friends, increased their confidence and self-esteem and many of the group who suffer with mental health issues feel that it has had a positive effect.  We will be looking to try to find more funding to try to continue as soon as possible.


Additional services The Shop offer:

Photocopying:   Black and white A4 15p per sheet, A3 30p per sheet and full colour A4 50p per

sheet and A3 £1 per sheet

Faxing:  National 30p a sheet and international numbers


Hiring of large meeting room